Each time the little ones participate, not only will they be swimming or running with their friends and parents, they’ll also be accruing points for their primary school that go towards end-of-season trophies.

Primary School Trophies;

  • Competition Winner – school with the highest points across the series
  • Competition Runner-Up – school with the second highest points across the series
  • Participation Winner – school with the most entries across the series

How to enter your child

Enter your child online into the 250m Junior Swim or 2.5km Junior Run, choose their school from the drop down menu. Each time they participate they’ll automatically accrue points for their school.

How points are calculated

  • The winning boy and girl in each event option receive 100 points.
  • The rest of the boys and girls in each event get fewer points based on the ’45 Events timing formula’.
  • A school’s total for any given night is the average points scored by all children from that school. E.g. if there are 8 children with a total of 560 points, 560 points divided by 8 = 81.25 points for your school for that event.
  • The winning school is determined by totalling each schools best 9 results. The more events your school attends the more chances you will have to win!


  • Minimum of three children from each school must participate on any given night to activate the points for their school.
  • Each school must take part in a minimum of 9 events throughout the season to be in the running for end of season trophies.


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