It’s on the minds of most Auckland parents to find family activities which suit the entire household, and in 2015, North Shore mum, Lynn Aitken was no different. Wanting to find something new for her family’s “fun night out”, she signed herself, husband Danny, and son George up for the Takapuna Beach Series Stand-Up Paddle race.

At the time, aside from an hour’s paddle in the Coromandel, all three of them were total newcomers to the sport, they’d certainly never ventured into the racing side of stand-up paddling. But it was in their usual good spirits that they picked up their SUP boards and waded into the waters of Takapuna. Fortunately, with a dedicated ‘Crew’ on-hand, lifeguards and Beach Series-run skills clinics, Lynn and her family’s SUP skills improved in leaps and bounds.

Three years on and the trio continue to partake in the weekly Beach Series, they’ve even recruited George’s partner, Tiaan, in the process. As Lynn explains, stand-up paddle boarding is both “a lot of fun and physically challenging. It’s a great workout for the whole family.”

In addition to getting fitter, Lynn also loves the Beach Series community. “The Beach Series has a really good family vibe” and the season is “a good opportunity to meet up with like-minded people and have some fun, both at the event and after, at Francs’ Bar.”

Already looking forward to the next season of stand-up paddle racing, the Aitken men have big goals; all aiming to progress to the elite four-kilometre race. Quite a feat considering they started with the one-kilometre comp. However, the ever-modest mum says her own goal will be to stick with the three-kilometre, and “not be the last to cross the finishing line.”

We’ve not doubt all goals will be smashed this season and can’t wait to welcome the Aitken family back for another great SUP season at the Beach Series.

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