So what’s next?

It seems a little crazy to be asking that question as we revel in the midst of a terrific summer full of awesome events…and amazing summer sea swim conditions.  However, now is the time to really get planning for the winter and next summer so you don’t lose all your motivation and focus – and importantly the gains that you are making through the summer.

Take time to assess where you are…

  • Have you achieved your goals for this summer?
  • What would you like to do differently? (i.e. are you after faster starts, more speed (we’re all always after that one), feel more efficient through the water, have better navigation….what else?

Our tips for not getting into that winter funk – instead hitting next summer on top of things, fit, motivated (and refreshed)

  • Capture what you have achieved this summer, write it down so it’s real
  • Plan some events…whether it be through the winter (maybe some Tri’s across the ditch, or further afield…the Samoa Swim Series (a tropical holiday and swim in one) or even some European swim trekking), or pick a couple of marque events you really want to target next Summer
  • Find a swim squad that is convenient and motivating to get you out of bed and through the winter. We love the feeling of waking up (usually half way through the warm up), completing a session with a sense of accomplishment and then the social coffee afterwards – all before you hit the desk in the morning.
  • If you’re north enough, join in one of the many Winter sea swim groups that are dotted around. Many of these are quite informal…and can be found on Facebook. (And if you’re worried about the cold – don’t worry the team at blueseventy have that covered…try our skull caps and thermal helix amongst other things to keep you toasty)
  • Book some one on one or small group technique sessions with a reputable coach – there is nothing better than some video analysis (so you can see that what you think you are doing is not always reflected in reality) along with a clear plan to change things.
  • Most important – plan a proper break from swimming – even if it’s a couple of weeks – just enjoy your family and friends and the sleep ins. Go and ride a bike or explore something new in your neighbourhood…after all the mental and physical recovery period is often where most of you gains are made…

And in the meantime…get out there and enjoy the summer knowing that this is a lifestyle thing…and everyday is new, full of challenges and we love to swim!

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