If you’re out to beat the pack in the Harcourts Beach Series 5km Beach Run or 7km Coastal Run, practicing an efficient running posture will help you on your way.

Chin up & relax

The first is to consider, where are you looking?  A good posture starts with your head and the direction you are looking. Looking down at the ground in front of you will generally encourage poor form. A runner with poor form/posture tends to have a disengaged core and the body slumps over itself. A good posture will be nice and tall and there is good alignment through the whole body from where the back foot pushes off to drive forward.

Running Posture

Relax your shoulders

Your shoulders need to be pulled back for proper posture but NOT UP which is where you often see individuals falter with this technique. Arms should be positioned at a 90 degree angle, and it best to aim to have your arms tracking forward during the arm movement rather than across your body.

One way to check that you are relaxed is to drop your arms to the side of your body and then lift them up to get a 90 degree angle from your elbow. As soon as you drop them you will notice your shoulders relax, keep this feeling as you lift your arms to the 90 degree position.

Have a look at New Zealand’s own Cameron Brown, his running style is a great example of a relaxed efficient technique and is something you can try and emulate for yourself: http://youtu.be/JtdPsqDlULE

Cameron Brown

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