Wetsuits are fantastic for ocean swimming. They provide buoyancy which means they help you float and use less energy in the water which will in turn help you swim for longer. Wetsuits are optional for our swim events.


Choosing a wetsuit:

  • Swim Wetsuits and Surf Wetsuits are completely different. Swim Wetsuits are thinner in the shoulders and knees, so are more flexible and easier to swim in. Surf Wetsuits are designed to keep you warm, so are thicker, therefore, making it harder to move and often are too buoyant to help you swim effectively
  • Wetsuits should not be loose, they should be firm and are often can take more than 3-5 min to put them on correctly.
  • It is important that you practise swimming in the ocean in your wetsuit before event day, this will help you adjust to the different feeling of swimming in a wetsuit and help you feel more confident and relaxed before your swim
  • Lube is very useful for areas prone to rubbing/chafing like your neck and shoulders

Hiring a Wetsuit for the event:

Hiring a wetsuit is a great way to try before you decided you want to do another event. If you wish to hire a wetsuit we have many convent locations that you can hire a swimming wetsuit from and also ensure you are being fitted for the correct size.


We may have wetsuits available on the day, but they normally sell out, so best you book one in by contacting the specialists in swimming wetsuits, our hire partner – SwimT3. This way you can pick the wetsuit up before the event, try it on and test it out so there are no surprises.


4G Antares Place | Rosedale | Auckland
Phone | 09 475 5084
Email | albany@swimt3.co.nz


66 Mt Eden Road | Mt Eden | Auckland
Phone | 09 638 4265
Email | mteden@swimt3.co.nz


3/54 Ben Lomond Crescent | Pakuranga Heights | Auckland
Phone | 09 576 7396
Email | pakuranga@swimt3.co.nz


132 Oriental Parade | Oriental Bay | Wellington
Phone | 04 385 0362
Email | wellington@swimt3.co.nz


86a Riccarton Road | Riccarton | Christchurch
Phone | 03 341 2074

Email | christchurch@swimt3.co.nz