Three great Event Disciplines to choose from:


  • Junior Run 2.5km
  • Beach Run 5km
  • Coastal Run 7km


  • Junior Swim 250m
  • Swim 500m
  • Swim 1000m
  • Swim 1500m
  • Swim 2000m (New in 2016!)

Stand Up Paddle

  • SUP 1km
  • SUP 3km
  • SUP 4km (New in 2016!)

For more information on each of the 11 event categories, check out the three event discipline pages on this website. Choose from either the popular Swim options, awesome Run options or our fast-growing Stand Up Paddle.


Choosing the best Entry Pass for you

You choose how many times to participate within a season – the more events you enter at a time, the cheaper the price per event. You will also receive some additional goodies for buying a 12 or 18 event pass.

All entries are once again flexible this season. This means you’re able to enter the 1500m swim event and have this as your default, however if one evening you decide to give something else a go, no problem, just let the team in registration know you are changing for that night.

You will always be entered into your default category so it is important if you change that you let us know. If a swimmer changes to a run or SUP then you must purchase a singlet from registration to be able to take part; these are $15.00. If a runner or SUP’er changes to the swim you must purchase a swim cap from registration to be able to take part; these are $10.00.

For full details on the entry options and prices click HERE


How to enter an event

Enter online:

Entering online offers big savings across all Event Passes as well as some cool online-exclusive rewards (see Entry Fees page for details). It is also cheaper to enter online and will save you time on event night. Online registrations close at 2pm sharp each Tuesday and are for credit/debit card payments only.

Enter offline (Franc’s Bar):

On the event day, you can choose to register inside Franc’s Bar (opposite the Takapuna Beach Reserve) from 5.00pm up to 15 minutes before your event starts. Please allow plenty of time when entering on the night. Registration can get busy at times.

First entry for this season: Come in and complete a New Entrant Form, queue in the “New Entrant” line and collect your timing chip and free event apparel. We accept cash, EFTPOS and credit card payments at Franc’s Bar (excluding Diners or AMEX).

Topping up your event pass: If you have already registered (online or offline) during the season you can top up your credits at registration (inside Franc’s Bar) – just visit the “Top Ups” line (there is no need to fill in a New Entrant Form again).

Note – the cost to enter offline at Franc’s Bar is more expensive than entering online.


Group Discounts

The Harcourts Cooper & Co Beach Series is a great way for groups to share the fun together each Tuesday. We offer discounts to families (30%), corporates (20%) and clubs (20%) on their entry fees when entering as a group. Click HERE for more details.

Timing Chips

Every Beach Series participant must wear a timing chip on their ankle for their event to record their completion time. No transponder, no race.

Temporary timing chips: With all ‘single pass’ entries, you will be provided a temporary timing chip which will need to be collected from registration at Franc’s Bar before each event. This will record your completion time and must be dropped in the timing chip bins (in the finish chute) after your event.

Permanent timing chips: When purchasing a 6, 12 or 18 Event Pass, you will be provided a permanent timing transponder for the duration of your season, saving you valuable time by not having to queue up for a temporary timing chip before each event. At the end of the season (or the final event you choose to take part in) you will have to return it back to event officials, leaving it in the timing chip bucket within the finish chute. Loss/failure to return this timing chip will incur a $35 fee. This $35 deposit will be paid automatically when you register, refunds will be made at the completion of the season.

Points Competition

You will have points allocated for each event you take part in based on your finish time. To be eligible for the Age Group or Overall Series Competition you must compete in 12 or more of the same events in a season. Your final Series points score at the end of the season will be a total of the points awarded to you from your best 12 events.

The Junior Swim and 2.5km and 5km Beach Run events are for children 12 years and under and this year are also part of the Primary Schools Competition.

Swim Caps and Singlets

Every participant will receive either a Harcourts Cooper & Co Beach Series swim cap (for Swimmers) or singlet (for Runners and Stand Up Paddlers who’ve purchased a 6, 12 or 18 event pass) provided by our awesome sponsor Harcourts Cooper & Co. For safety reasons it is compulsory to wear this apparel at all events; please note vests and swim caps from past Beach Series events can not be worn this season. The new items can be collected from the pre event registration at Harcourts Cooper & Co in Takapuna on Tuesday 25th October. If you’ve lost yours, you can pop into Franc’s Bar and buy another from one of our registration team at $10 (swim cap) and $15 (singlet).

Event Facilities

There are public toilets and showers on Takapuna Beach Reserve, just south of the finish site. Please do not use the Takapuna Boat Club showers. When using the public facilities please be sure to take all your belongings and rubbish with you.

Event Safety & Rules

Before the event each week there is a compulsory Safety Briefing which all participants must attend. You can also read Event Safety information HERE before you head down to the event, to ensure you have a fun and enjoyable time. Your event’s compulsory Safety Briefing times and locations are listed on here as well.

Course Maps

Check these out on the Swim / Run or Stand Up Paddle pages of this website or up on the boards on Takapuna Beach Reserve each event day.

Event Start & Finish

Start Marshals and Start Positions

  • All event disciplines will have a start marshal. They will determine whether the field is set and ready.
  • Please remain behind your start line for your event, otherwise your event will not start.
  • When the orange flag in front of a field is raised (and still), you will then be in the starter’s hands. To avoid a false start or being disqualified, leave your start line/area only when you hear the hooter sound and when you see the orange flag lowered in front of your start line by the start marshals.

Finish Line

  • The finish line is the blue mats you go over when running through the finish arch. Please don’t stop until you reach this mat as your time will be recorded at this point.
  • Take note of your time on the timing clock at the finish line in case of any timing issues and email us through the Contact Us page after the event to rectify this.

Guidelines for Results & Placement of Transgender Individuals

The Beach Series will be conducted in such a way as to give an equal placing to transgender participants with the individuals in the event, category and class. Please Click Here to read our Guidelines for Results and Placement of transgender individuals.

Volunteer and get Pita Pit and a cool ‘crew’ t-shirt

Do you love what the Harcourts Cooper & Co Beach Series is about, but don’t want to participate? We still have a few spots free for awesome volunteers to join the Beach Series family this season to help us set up, do registration and pack down each week. On top of being a key part of this great Series each week, you’ll also receive an event t-shirt, goodies and a meal voucher each event from our awesome sponsor – Pita Pit. You’d need to volunteer for a minimum of eight weeks (or ideally the full 18 weeks) as we’re after consistency of volunteers to ensure the events are smooth and fun for everyone! Send an email to by Friday 14 October if you are interested.