Your weekly Tuesday night Swim/Run! – Tuesday 7 November 2023 - Tuesday 2 April 2024

Love multisport or triathlon but lack the weekly paces to train in race situations? Or maybe you want to try something REALLY unique in a fast-growing sport? The Swim/Run might JUST be for you!

The event will be broken down to give you both a swim & run split to see where you fared best on the day. Transition areas will be found on the grass to make sure you avoid the dreaded “sand-filled shoe” that so many beach transitions might have!

Runs can vary from a mix of footpath and beach, or just a full-on beach sprint.

Get in and give it a shot!

Distances on offer:

The distances will vary from week-to-week depending on the tide. You could find yourself swimming 500m followed by a 5km run, or 1000m with a short sharp 2.5km sprint! It’s fast-paced, exciting action for the lovers of multisport!

  • 1000m Swim / 2.5km Run
  • 500m Swim / 5km Run